Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hobo-Sneak: Your basic Guide to Anonymity

Hello readers! Over the next few weeks and months I am going to be writing about basic online security. There will be a few different articles on various measures you should be taking to protect your information and perhaps your identity.

In this day and age of nearly omnipresent electronic surveillance, identity theft, and swatting pranks, it is always a good idea to take basic measures to control access to your personal information. 

There are many ways to do this and some of the following posts will be focused on:

  • Tracking Cookies - Who should have access to my identity?
  • VPNs - Why would I need an anonymous IP address?
  • Proxies - Diet VPNs!
  • Cryptocurrencies - Some kind of math gold?
  • Tor Network - How to buy human organs online and send emails like Edward Snowden
I look forward to writing some great new articles for you guys! These are not going to be deeply advanced articles, but instead will be aimed at getting as much of the regular population as possible up to speed on how to protect themselves at a basic level. Think of this series as the self defense 101 class taught at your local community college. We are not training you to be shadow warrior ninjas here, just helping you to learn a few basics.

See you all soon!


  1. Bare in mind that no matter what you do there is going to always be a flaw, computers and computer systems are only as perfect as their creators, IE we mess up all the time. Although VPN's and TOR are generally noted to be secure, if someone wants to find you, and has the skills, they will find you. Even TOR protocol can and most likely has been compromised.

    Even though you have heightened security, don't bank on it as perfect. As a whole though, always heighten your security.

    1. A reasonable, if somewhat obvious, reminder that there are no unpickable locks and no perfect security systems. It's almost nihilistic when addressed to people who are looking for the very basics in understanding security of any type.


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