Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Beginners Guide to Bittorrent [Part 1 - Introduction]

Check out MaximumPC's post on the new Bittorrent model!

By now you are sure to have heard of Bittorrent. It has been a mainstream term for more than a decade now and has become nearly as popular as p2p clients such as Napster and Kazaa once were.

Unlike those networks, however, bittorrent has no centralized servers and cannot be easily shutdown. The bittorrent network relies on several key components: users in the form of peers, trackers which regulate traffic, and indexers which store torrent files or magnet links.

The target of most DMCA shutdowns is the index site. Without links to a torrent, the swarm cannot find and download files. This is the reason that sites like The Pirate Bay are constantly under attack. They host no actual pirated files, but they do host the links or instructions needed to let your computer find those files in the swarm.

All of that nonsense is boring though, and you are here to get started using Torrents. I don't blame you, the protocol is an essential part of any computer users toolbelt. It can be used for just as many legal file transfers as it can for illegal.

Lets jump right in and install a Torrent Client!

A Beginners Guide to Bittorrent [Part 2 - Torrent Client]

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