Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY NAS: with freeNAS - Step 2

This is the second step in building a NAS with freeNAS. If you missed step one, you can find it here.

So the freeNAS 7 community has split off these days... LAME!!!
It means that you can no longer just download the version of freeNAS which I have used successfully for the last few years.

I spent the last few weeks toying around with the new freebsd7 based builds and was very disappointed by them.

This post is currently on hold until freeNAS 8 comes out in a stable version which includes bittorrent support!

Keep checking back!


As of 11/1/12  I have chosen to go with nas4free 9.1 as the new operating system for my NAS shares.
There is a new post which picks up in this one's place. Please continue reading here.

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