Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jailbreak the Apple TV 2 with seas0npass

Many of you are probably familiar with the concept of jailbreaking a smartphone. Using third party software to open up the phone's root file system and allowing the user to install custom themes and applications.

Apple TV 2nd Generation

Many people, it seems, are unaware that they can also jailbreak the Apple TV to get some great new features!

There is no reason not to try it out. Even if the jailbreak is a failure you can always restore the device in iTunes and have a factory fresh feel in no time. There is no risk!


Click the link above to download the latest version of seas0npass and to find the latest installation instructions.

The installer is very simple and currently supports an unteathered jailbreak for all firmwares, excluding the newest AppleTV 3. This means that your device can be successfully rebooted without having to reconnect to your computer. This is a great thing trust me!

Lets get down to business...

First close iTunes

Launch season pass and follow the onscreen instructions. Click Create IPSW and seas0n pass will automatically download the best firmware for your device. 
(if you have saved blobs in tiny umbrella you can ctrl+shift click to choose a custom .ipsw)

Connect your atv2 with a mini USB cable when prompted.

Then when prompted hold down the MENU & PLAY/PAUSE buttons together for 7 seconds and release.
This can be the trickiest part if the process. Just count to seven and release the buttons. In windows this has always worked well for me. Some people claim that you need the power cable connected, but I have found this to be incorrect. USB is the only thing you need connected.

This should put the device into DFU mode. Once DFU is achieved you will not need to interfere any further.
The installer will automatically launch iTunes and flash the modified firmware to your device.

Once the installation is complete you can reconnect your device to the television and power on.

You will be greeted with the latest iOS menu. 
A firecore logo will be in the place of the standard gear logo on the settings menu, this will be the only indication of a successful jailbreak.

You will still have full access to all the normal apple tv programs and functions.
So where are the awesome new programs you ask? Check out the next post...

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